TG Water Systems, LLC. We are a family-run and private company with the purpose to offer a personalized service to other families, since 2007. We are present in different states throughout the country.
TG Water Systems is led by staff with over 15 years of experience in the field of water treatment systems.

TG Water Systems' main purpose is to inform you about the different types of existing solutions to obtain good quality water in your home, one that your family deserves. And what's better, not only to inform you but our qualified representatives will help you get the best water purification product that exists nowadays: Hydronex Puronics ® ™, which is the best solution to take your house to a higher quality water for each faucet in your home, as Puronics ® Hydronex ™ is connected from the point of entry of water to your home on a single tank of high technology, using a computerized control valve that will monite the water use in your home, help you get optimum effectiveness in the process of purifying water, and make sure you always have a higher quality water.

So look no further. Our Puronics ® Hydronex ™ water systems features:

* NASA technology, with a HYGIENE® Bacteriostatic filter working with technology used aboard NASA space shuttles.
* PureSilver ™ Technology, used in water treatment systems for U.S. astronauts since 1981.
* Activated carbon impregnated with silver to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter while refining the water.
* In 1947 Puronics ® Hydronex ™ began the arrival of innovation in the treatment of water worldwide. Our products are registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States) and certified by the NSF (National Science Foundation)
* Technological innovation continues. As evidence, Hydronex Puronics ® has received the Frost & Sullivan Awards for the New Product Innovation.

Quality you can count on. Puronics ® Hydronex ™ was awarded by the WAQ (Water Quality Association)






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